Grilled Avocado Salsa


Doesn’t this salsa look delicious?  Fresh and tangy, it uses a couple of canned ingredients, but when combined with fresh tomato’s, red onion, avocado and lime it comes to life.  We used it as a dipping salsa with blue corn chips, but I’d like to try it over grilled chicken or as a topping on tacos. So good!


Start with these ingredients and mix in a glass bowl.

1 can black beans, drain & rinse

1 can sweet corn

Roma tomato’s, chopped into bite size pieces

1/2 red onion, chop as much as you want


Mix up the dressing and stir into with the first four ingredients already chopped in the bowl.

1 fresh lime, squeezed

1/4 c. olive oil

2 T Nakano Rice Vinegar

1/2 ts. cumin

salt & pepper to taste



To prep the avocado’s, slice and pit them and rub with olive oil. They are ready to be placed on a medium hot grill for just a couple of minutes, until they begin to brown.  I’ve never heated an avocado and didn’t know what would happen and found that they become creamier in texture.  I used somewhat hard avocado’s and left the skin on for easy removal from the grill.  Search ‘grilled avocado’s’ and you’ll find many ways to slice and bake them as well.  For now, let’s throw them on the grill and see what happens.OiledAvos



In only a couple of minutes they were  grill marked and I called it a success.  Next problem was how to get them out of the shell in nice chunky pieces.  I didn’t know if they’d turn to mush and be a green slime or if you’d still get the separate taste of a bite of avocado.  Surprisingly they released easily from the shell and held their shape.



Gently fold the avocado’s into the salsa and break out the chips, you’re ready to go.  Enjoy!


Next time you need crunchy, sweet, salty and tangy this is your ticket,  and if you don’t want to bother with the grilling, just add your avocado’s fresh chopped.




Original recipe found at the SavvyMujer.






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