How to Roast your Pumpkin’s Seeds


By now, you probably carved your pumpkin. We’ve seen a lot of jack-o-lanterns going up around our own neighborhoods. Did you know that you can eat the seeds of the pumpkins you carve? They are nutritious and delicious. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with healthy fats, potassium, fiber, protein, iron, and magnesium!  These little seeds are more than a little good for you.

First, prepare to get your hands dirty. Take your pile of pumpkin guts and pull out the seeds with your hands. This is an excellent job for a kid if you have n, handy.


Then, remove the orange fruit (?) from the seeds. You can leave some because it adds pumpkin taste to the seeds which is fine.


Put the seeds in a bowl. Add enough olive oil to coat them. You don’t want them to be dripping with olive oil because the oil will burn in the oven then. Season the seeds with salt, and any other herbs you like. I added garlic salt, and a little bit of cayenne. With your already dirty hands, toss the seeds to mix the seasoning and olive oil.


Spread the seeds onto a baking dish. Make sure there is just one layer.


Bake at 275 degrees. Stir occasionally until seeds are golden brown.

IMG_1248 IMG_1247

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