10 Fall Hoop Earrings

The hoop earring is a fall fashion must.  We recommend getting in style with any of these 10 updated stainless steel hoops that will finish any casual look.

Stainless Steel Square Hoops for 28.00

SRE123Dimensional Yellow Plated J-Hoops for 33.75

SRE720Textured Rose Plated Hollow Oval Hoops for 44.25

SRE662Slightly Curved Yellow Plated Double Hoops for 56.25


Heart Hoops for 45.00

SRE369Chocolate Plated Oval Hoops for 41.00

SRE404Post Hoops for 45.00

SRE547Black Plated Round Hoops for 36.00

SRE416Chocolate Plated Hinged Hoops for 45.00

SRE370Polished Cross Hoops for 62.00

SRE221Hoops may be purchased at Vine & Branches Gallery under the Dan330 category.  Click on any of the descriptions to go directly to the gallery link.  Please allow 2-5 days for shipping.

Hope you enjoy our new selection of casual fashion hoops!




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