Artichoke – An Easy Appetizer

Artichokes are a healthy and delicious snack. Now, I’ll show you how to ruin the healthy part with lots of butter!

These make great appetizers or finger food when people are hanging around the kitchen while you are cooking dinner.

Start by boiling water and adding your artichoke. It will boil for a lot longer than you think. You’ll know it is done when you can easily poke through the stem with a fork.

IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1368

When the artichoke is ready, clarify butter (melt it in the microwave and spoon off any foam). I use salt-free butter, so I will add some salt to this mix.


Now all you do is peel off a leaf, dip it in butter.  Scrape off the meat with your teeth while you pull the leaf out of your mouth.

IMG_1374 IMG_1376

As you pull off more and more leaves, the artichoke will look like this: This is the best part of the plant.

IMG_1378 IMG_1383

When you eat through the meaty leaves you will see a hairy center part. Scrape this out with a spoon.


The heart is left.  Many people prefer the heart of the artichoke. We like it all and enjoy the leaves too.


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