Authentic Copper Beer Stein | Product Review

I have a set of copper pots that were carried back from France. You may have seen them in some of our other posts ( ).  We love them! They are so great to cook in and look fabulous.

We were so excited when we found some other copper items sold in America.

Authentic Beer Stein Authentic Beer Stein

The beer stein Ben Franklin would use. Urban Daddy Our founding fathers may not have agreed on everything, but they certainly agreed on one thing: beer. While it may have its roots in Europe, settlers brought their own recipes, and started one of America’s oldest traditions. Our period-accurate Authentic Beer Stein is made from pure copper, and shares the same qualities as some of the best modern American beers – handcrafted in small batches by artisans who take pride in their work. So raise a toast with family and friends and bring America alive as you down your favorite brew. Sure, it’s expensive, but who ever said authenticity was cheap?

The whole set is gorgeous, and is awesome for entertaining guests. We highly recommend getting everything you can in copper. Here’s a picture of another pot we have:

Copper pot on my kitchen table

Regardless of your reason to buy these, the copper beer stein would be a great gift for the beer enthusiast who is sick out drinking out of red solo cups.  I know I would love to get these!

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