It’s a Bloody Mary Dinner!

A real Bloody Mary ought to be a full meal in itself. That is why we made this Bloody Mary Dinner. Next time you have company over, set up your Bloody Mary Dinner bar and make a party out of it! With such a variety of condiments and ways to make your Bloody Mary Dinner, every person’s is different. We just love to see what everyone comes up with.

bloody mary bar

There are so many things you can use in your Bloody Mary Dinner. Anything meaty or salty will be fine. We used tomato’s, blocks of cheddar, olives, pepperoni, celery, limes, Tabasco, Worcestershire, and Franks hot sauce in addition to homemade sliders.


The most important part is to get good Bloody Mary mix. We can our tomato’s right from our garden and use this with some spices. It is so fun to grow your own food. You know exactly where it came from, is good for getting outside in the summer, and provides an inexpensive option for produce. Pour the tomato’s into a blender and add your spices. Blend until well mixed.

homemade bloody mary mix


Next, pour the tomato mixture out of the bender and into a pitcher. Then you want to add vodka and mix.


The next step is to make your sliders to finish off the Bloody Mary Dinner. Take fresh ground beef and make small patties. Sliders need to be better than burgers. To do this, fry them in a pan with butter. Then remove the sliders from the pan, add whatever toppings you want, and serve in a Hawaiian bread bun.


Skewer the slider and all of your ingredients and place in a large glass filled with your Bloody Mary Dinner. Serve with a side of beer. This is one of our favorite for serving our old college friends. But it also works great for tailgating, and a summer BBQ.

bloody mary dinner

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