Step by Step Pie Crust Recipe In 5 Easy Steps.

This post will show you step by step pie crust baking directions. Baking a pie doesn’t have to be difficult and fresh pies are simply the best. But, sometimes making everything from scratch is impractical. If you still want that fresh-baked-pie smell in your house, and hot-out-of-the oven pies, one way to save time and energy is to buy a the crust as dough and make the rest at home. To do this correctly, follow these simple steps.

Step by step pie crust step 1: Thaw out the dough and spread across a pie tin. If you have your dough in the freezer, it is best to thaw it completely. I let mine sit out for two hours.


Step by step pie crust step 2: Pinch the sides into a pattern. You can use whatever pattern you like if you prefer. This is just a simple one.


Step by step pie crust step 3: Cover with tin foil so the crust does not brown. You will want it to brown while you bake the pie.


Step by step pie crust step 4: Take some beans and fill the tinfoil. I know this sounds silly, but the beans will prevent the dough from bubbling up on the bottom.


Step by step pie crust step 5: Bake the dough according to the packaging instructions. Remove from oven and uncover.


One quick hint … brushing the edge of the crust with an egg wash will give it a nice texture when you are baking your pie.

Congratulations! Your pie crust is ready (and nobody has to know that the whole pie isn’t made from scratch). In fact, this is the same pie crust I used when we made our Carmel Bourbon Apple Pie. This is a quick and easy way to help you make great pies for the holidays.


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