Merry “Perfect” Christmas

Maybe it’s just my age or the fact that life has wacked me across the head a few times, but these pictures of people having a perfect Christmas made me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for all the wonderful people and blessings I have known in my life. It’s just the ridiculous standard for expectations that the media and Pinterest put on life events and Holidays. No wonder so many people get depressed this time of year. Thanks to for the inspiration for this post.

In no particular order here are impossibly happy settings most of us will never experience.


This is how our family Christmas card picture always turns out said no one ever.


I really enjoy reading to my grandchildren. I don’t remember ever having the room turn to a blurry glow while snowflakes and stars float magically off the page. It seems to me that when you read to your kids or grandkids it is more of an mediation session where you have to keep things calm by agreeing to read several books so all age groups are happy.


This is the look I get from my bride of several decades when she opens the same gift from me year after year. It is a little more complicated at our house as my wife’s birthday is December 27th. One “big” present doesn’t cut it. I learned eventually that there are two distinct holidays here.


Shopping is so easy and stressfree. Just go to the mall and prewrapped presents are floating around with twinkling stars. Pick out the ones you need while you sip a latte’ listening to generic “holiday” music being played over the public address system.


Another happy shopper. She must have someone else’s credit card she’s using. Why do all the shoppers have Santa hats?


This looks like a typical husband and wife discussion of what presents to buy for everyone and how much to spend. At least they aren’t wearing Santa hats.


If you live in the south and don’t see much snow, this is how we northerners look when we go outside to play in the snow and the subzero cold. Snowflakes are really that big.


This is how Christmas Eve looks at most homes across America. Where’s the runny nosed kids and the Mom with the flu?


Finally it’s Christmas Day. After a month of parties, school concerts and other obligations everyone’s exhausted. It must be time for a perfect visit to the in-laws with everyone dressed in white. I don’t see any stink eye going on here.

Thanks for following us everyone. We truly have had an exciting year with this online magazine and crazy Pinterest account. May your holidays look and be just like these pictures.

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