Introducing Zubie!

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Let me tell you about Zubie.

I came across a techy new product the other day that I thought was really interesting. It is a device that you plug into your car to help with diagnosing maintenance issues among other things. That is only the beginning of what Zubie will do for you. The more I read about Zubie the more I wanted one. In just a few days I will be getting my Zubie and plan on writing a few more posts about how it performs. This reminds me of when cell phones first came out and everyone thought “what do I need that for?” I wonder if eventually we will be wondering how we got along without Zubie.

I made a living flying state of the art commercial airliners, so high tech gadgets always catch my attention. From what I have read, Zubie is really a breakthrough device. You can monitor your cars maintenance requirements including battery life. This eliminates much of the stress and hassle of car ownership. It also tracks driving habits along with location. Where was this when my kids were teenagers? Were you speeding? …..Yes you were.

When you live in a cold climate, I mean like dangerously cold, having your car in tip top condition can be a matter of life or death. Zubie will help you keep your car in great Winter driving condition. Kids are kids and in today’s world they often think everything works perfectly every time you need it. Well even the best maintained equipment breaks down. That’s where some of Zubies other features are so valuable.

Simply sliding off a slippery road in bitter cold temps could turn into a heartbreaking disaster. Wouldn’t it be a relief for you to know where your car is when a loved one is late arriving home? What if their cellphone battery has gone dead. Now with Zubie there are a lot of uses you probably never thought of before. This is such a great idea for a holiday gift.

Here a few of the things my Zubie will do. I can’t wait to try it.

            Makes Driving Safer, Easier and less expensive

            Keeps track of your cars location

            Tracks driving behavior

            Moniters your cars engine function including interpreting the warning codes

            Tells you what your repairs should cost

            Provides detailed Trip reporting

            You can create driving groups to share location

There is still time to get a Zubie for the Holidays. There is a sale right now so you can order today with code use code SAVE20DEC and SAVE 20% on a Zubie Key plus a year of service. “Offer good through January 31, 2013. Shipping charges apply.”

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