How to Boil Hot Dogs


You may follow us because you want to know how to polish up your recipes for a rack of ribs, a fresh mojito, or a creme brule. But the truth of the matter is that kids don’t like that stuff!  They want hot dogs, also known as tubesteaks. Here’s how to boil hot dogs.

But how do I make a boiled hot dog?!?!?!?!?!

Well, you are about to find out. There is more to it than just adding water…

I am sure you are familiar with the great marshmallow debate: Golden brown or charred black? But you probably aren’t as familiar with the boiling hot dog debate: Do I add salt to the water? Sugar to make them sweeter? Or nothing at all. UGHHHH! Well, we probably won’t solve all of those questions today (and the answer is golden brown by the way – just check out my friends Matt @averagehunter: If a blogger said it, it must be true!

Well here is a step by step tutorial of how to boil hotdogs:

1. Get a package of hot dogs.

2. Open the package of hot dogs.

3. Make sure kids are around so you don’t have to eat the hot dogs you just opened.

4. You can choose to put the hot dogs back in the fridge or not. I used to work at a restaurant and the health inspector told me there was no need to refrigerate them.

5. Put the hot dogs in a pan.

6. Pour water into the pan.

7. Boil the water.

8. Cut your bun.

9. Prepare your bun with whatever condiments you like.

10. Feed those darn things to your kids.

11. If you eat one, get some pepto-bismol.

12. Go exercise, that junk is not good for you.

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