How to Spring clean your home in under two hours


Many people put off tidying and cleaning their home all at once as the sheer size of it can seem to take forever. In some cases this is true, but only if you’re doing it wrong (or you live in a mansion to rival Bill Gates)! There are some amazing cleaning ‘hacks’ you can use that will allow you to spring clean your home in 2 hours or less – read on to learn how to do it!


Start from The Top and Work Your Way Down

 The first rule of cleaning your home as quickly as you possibly can is starting from top and working your way down. Many people start from the bottom and work their way up, but this can actually slow you down. Start at the very top in one of the bedrooms, then move on to the next one, and the next one, the bathroom, the toilet, the landing, and then the stairs until you’re doing the dining room, the hall, the living room, the kitchen, and the downstairs bathroom if you have one. Many people don’t have that many rooms though, so you should be able to get it done even quicker!

 Create a Motivating Playlist

 Before you begin, create a motivating playlist to keep you going through the tough tasks. You can either put on your favourite CD, wear your headphones with your MP3 player, or create a playlist on Spotify and listen through your computer/laptop. Make sure the songs are fast paced, dancy, and uplifting – no depressing rubbish or you might find yourself crying in one of the bedrooms rather than dusting.

 Arm Yourself with Every Product You Need

 Arm yourself with every product you need to save yourself going backwards and forwards. This can be done with a special apron that includes pockets and compartments for all of your special cleaning gear (just like a cleaning company would use), but you’ll obviously have to carry up a mop, vacuum, and brush separately if you need them for your kind of flooring.

 Never Go Back to a Room

 Once you’ve done a room, you should never have to go back to it. Do everything you possibly can in that one room before moving on. Have a rubbish bag with you to throw things away, throw dirty clothes in a wash basket ready to take downstairs, dust down all of the surfaces and appliances, hang up and put away any washing, make the bed, and then hoover the floor. Use a bit of Oust if you need to to make things smell fresh again. In the bathroom you’ll need to use a product like Jif to make the bath, toilet, and sink sparkle. Pay attention to hygiene here and use a different cloth for each thing. Downstairs you’ll need to do it all again except you’ll also have to do the dishes if you haven’t got a dishwasher, and throw the clothes in the washing machine.

 Use a Wireless Hoover

 A wireless hoover can make things so much easier, as it’s much lighter than a normal hoover and you don’t need to keep unplugging it depending on where you are. Simply charge it up and you’re ready to go!

 If you stay motivated you should be able to complete your spring clean with plenty of time to spare!

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