6 Awesome Home DIY Ideas for Summer

The glorious summer season is heading to us at an alarming speed and the thought of lazing around the garden for the entire season seems ever appealing. Looking around your home, and subsequently your castle, you probably think that there is a multitude of things that need doing before you can actually enjoy the summer. If you are struggling for inspiration, take a look at these six awesome home DIY ideas for the impending summer season:


 1.    An Outdoor Rug

Of course, the idea of an outdoor rug seems absurd. But is it? Should you have a beautiful decking area or an area that needs jazzing up, an outdoor rug is the perfect way to spruce up your garden, particularly if you are lacking the flora and fauna department. Take a sturdy, but cheap waterproof rug. Buy your desired stencil of choice and paint accordingly in your favourite colours. Bright birds, bold florals or colourful stars, the brighter the better!

 2.    Redecorate the Conservatory

Should you have a conservatory, of summer house, take advantage of the impending summer season and get creative. There are so many ways that you can spruce up your summer living space, from simply painting the space in a bright white (this will look fabulous during summer) and accessorising in pastel colours for a truly special summer feel. Should your conservatory be in a less than enviable condition then seek the advice of the professionals such as house builders in Kent.

 3.    Tired Patio Furniture

Our patio and outdoor furniture has been neglected over the long winter period, so brighten it up! Should you have wooden garden furniture, a simple lick of paint will give it a whole new lease of life. try contrasting colours for maximum impact. If your outdoors furniture is metal, then spray paint it. Try to avoid white, as inclement weather can leave it looking dirty. Let your imagination go wild with colour and possibilities

 4.    Reclaimed Wooden Post Benches

On the subject of furniture, why not make your own. The idea may sound slightly absurd, but why not take old wooden objects, such as old doors, sand them down, add legs (for stability) and voila –a homemade bench. Just ensure that you purchase screws and wood treating oils to ensure the longevity of your work of garden art.

 5.    Build a Beautiful Porch

The epitome of chic, sitting in the porch, in your rocking chair, sipping on a cold beverage. A porch is a great way to update your home. The great thing is, is that you do not need planning permission to build a porch. Styles vary, so pick one that you love and give your home an instant makeover.

 6.    Planters

A cheap, and effective, way of sprucing up your garden in time for summer is by making your own planters. Old baths, troughs and sinks make quirky and effective planters and do not cost the earth. Take a look around charity shops and junk yards for inspiration. You are bound to find some perfect for your beautiful garden.


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