What is a Focal Point and How Can You Create One?

A focal point in home design can look absolutely amazing if done correctly. It’s basically the first point in a room that the eye is most drawn to, either by using a bright colour, bold pattern, or unique piece of furniture. A focal point can be created in just about any room, and can make it look extra special. In this post, you’re going to learn how to create a focal point to make the most of a room and impress your guests.



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As a rule, when you decorate a room you should always look for a way to make a focal point. Without a focal point, a room can lack appeal, and personality. There are many ways you can create a focal point:

Play Up the Room’s Natural Features:

The most effective focal points often make use of a room’s most eye catching features. For example, a fireplace almost always ends up becoming the focal point of a room. A beautiful window, or any other interesting architectural features can also become focal points. When you’ve decided which area is the most eye catching, you can then look for ways to draw even more attention to it. For example, you could hang some interesting art over the fireplace, or even choose an oversized piece of abstract art to make the wall look expensive. Drawing more attention to the focal point won’t be ‘too much’, so don’t worry!

Use Furniture

Some furniture choices can make great focal points – just take a look at Chesterfield Sofa. In a bedroom, the focal point is nearly always the bed. In a living room, you can group your furniture in an interesting way to make a lovely focal point.

Create Your Own Theme

When a room has a theme to it, focal points look even more eye catching. You might think that this will make the focal point less effective, but the exact opposite is true! For example, you might not be able to use a group of fish sculptures in a room as a focal point without creating a theme for them to go with. They would look significant in a nature or under the sea themed room though!

Use Colour and Art

Colour can be an extremely powerful tool when decorating a room. The great thing about it is that certain colours can help to change the mood of a person, or even alter the atmosphere. By simply changing the colour of a wall, you can change the whole look of a room. Using colour to frame a focal point is a very clever technique used by professionals. For example, you could use a colourful piece of art to draw even more attention to an area. You can even hang a whole wall of pictures rather than simply painting a wall or using wallpaper. Group all of your artwork on one wall and choose frames that work well together. Make sure you’ve got a nice arrangement figured out before you start hanging them though!

A focal point is a must in any room, so get designing and have fun!

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