Unusual Reasons You Should Visit Samoa

Try this: imagine the perfect South Pacific location. Did you think of Samoa? Well you should have! It’s famous for it’s beautiful beaches, local markets, culture, and history, so it’s an amazing place to visit. But have you ever wondered whether there are things you can do that others don’t usually do? You have many options, but here are some of the best and most unusual reasons to visit Samoa:

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Feed the Turtles

This attraction is amazing, but one of the best things about it is that it’s totally free! You’ll find the turtle pool on the road between the airport and Apia, and you can just stop and feed the turtles. They like to eat bread or paw paw, so make sure you have some of that with you. You can easily get your shuttle or taxi to stop for a few minutes so you can take a look.

Explore the Botanical Gardens

The Vailima Botanical Garden is a place you’ll find a variety of different species, both native and introduced. You can explore the gardens located near the car park, then take a walk up the hill. Cool off in the natural swimming hole after your long walk!

Visit Sauniatu Waterfall

Who wouldn’t love to swim in a beautiful waterfall? Located in the Sauniatu LDS Compound, its a 15 minute drive from the main road in Saoluafata. Be careful walking down the stairs to the waterfall and entering the water though, as it can be quite slippy.

Do the Ma Tree Walk

Take a 700m walk through the tropical rainforest in the natural park, and then experience the awesome Ma tree with roots that come out in every direction. A word of warning however: only attempt this if you’re a confident hiker!

Shop at The Markets

You’ll find 3 main markets to visit in Apia. There is usually a flea market open every day, but you should try to go any day but sunday as people are more likely to be at church. You can pick up traditional handicrafts and souvenirs, wood carvings, mats, sarongs, cooked food, fresh fruit, and more! Why not enjoy a refreshing beverage from a drinking coconut?

Other Things You can Do in Samoa

There are of course many other things you can do in Samoa. Here are just a few more unusual and exciting activities you can take part in:

  • Swim, snorkel, and enjoy a picnic at the natural freshwater pool, called Piula Cave Pool.
  • Stay in a traditional beach house.
  • Check out tour sites to find set things you can do with the help of a company, for example, Adventure World offer Samoa holidays.
  • Try out Samoa’s national beer at the Vailima Brewery.
  • See the flying foxes at the extinct volcano crater, called the Lalomuna Crater Walk.

No matter what kind of traveller you are or what kind of trip you’d like, Samoa really does offer something for everybody. You’ll love taking part in these unusual, exciting activities – let us know what you did in the comments!

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