Drag Your Home Into The 21st Century By Upgrading With Modern Materials

If your home has remained untouched for the last twenty years, you are probably wondering what you can do to modernize the interior. The good news is that modernization is possible; the bad news is that it is likely to cost a pretty penny to update to a high standard.

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Do not let that put you off. Money spent will probably increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it and move somewhere new.

The secret to successful modernisation lies in the correct choice of materials. Look at pictures of all the best contemporary rooms to gain inspiration for your renovation and see if you can incorporate a few of these suggested products in your design.

Flooring Products

Vinyl floor coverings have become popular again thanks to great designs and modern production techniques. The vinyl is a vast improvement on the linoleum of old; though, there are rumors it is still sourced by the determined retro fan.

Laminate flooring took the world by storm over the last decade. It is a relatively cheap, durable product that is available in every artificial wood pattern and shade you can imagine. There are even water resistant laminate boards for the bathroom and kitchen that look like floor tiles. It is very hard to tell the difference between laminate products and the real thing without very close inspection.


Tempered glass cut to custom sizes can be ordered from www.replacementglass.co and many other places online. Include glass in your scheme wherever possible, for shelving, furniture, and even for protection on a balcony similar to the one in the image. This modern glass is strong and an ideal replacement around the house where wood is used. It will need to be kept sparkling clean at all times, so if you have children, consider its use carefully.


Reflective metal is highly desirable in modern homes. If you fit out a new bathroom, do not skimp on the fittings. Contemporary bathroom fittings cost a lot of money, but it is a shame to spoil the look of a new bathroom with standard taps. The handrail on the stairs is an ideal place to introduce chrome metalwork. Ask your local fabricator to design, build, and electroplate a bespoke handrail for your stairs and landing.


Fibreglass is a versatile material that could be used for most purposes. Maybe one of your rooms will look good with a rock face instead of a wall at one end. This wonder material is ideal for such an application. Applying the fibreglass correctly to a mold takes a bit of practice so expect some failures as you try to create things, but the technique becomes apparent after a while and then you can let your imagination fly.

It is not always modern materials that make a house look good. Sometimes traditional materials are just used in a modern way. Exotic timber is crafted into space age furniture and treated with a high gloss mirror finish, and exotic rock is crafted into worktops and sinks. As you research further for your upgrade, the right material for the job may leap out at you. That is the way many designs are created.

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