The Best Interior Upgrade Project You Will Ever Complete. Here’s the secret

Every year people choose a room to redecorate or upgrade in another way. This may involve painting and wallpapering; maybe a new carpet. The trouble with this method is that the house is never finished and tidy. It seems that there is always a set of step ladders, a pot of paint, or a wallpapering table hanging around which spoil the look of the other rooms.  34c66e06a4657f055a0a36033c0bcf01 Image found HERE  Sometimes it is better to tackle the whole house in one go, unify the decor, and bring in new furniture. It costs more this way and takes longer, but the results are startling. Decor that flows from room to room in a controlled manner is far more attractive than the haphazard schemes in most homes.  If you wish to complete your interior scheme in one go and be able to relax for the next five years or so, there could be some very useful information here for you to consider. Read on and take what you can from it.  Rewiring  Lighting is a vital element of any design and, when working on the whole house; it is often better to rewire the building completely to provide the best lighting solutions. Here are a few ideas, room by room:

  • Bathroom. Recessed LED ceiling lights, the shower cubicle lighting, and task lighting by the mirror are desirable. See what else is available to you; illuminated bath panels and floor tiles are just a couple of the wonderful inventions that have blessed us since the introduction of LED lighting.
  • Kitchen. Over counter lighting is a standard feature of kitchens because it works so well to create a pleasant evening glow, as well as illuminating the workspace. The cooker hood will probably have an inbuilt light, and there are even fittings to recess into the kickboards.
  • Living room. Whatever lighting solutions are installed in the living room, install plenty of electrical outlets for the use of table lamps; the most versatile lighting solution of all.
  • Bedroom. As with the living room, plenty of electrical outlets are required.

Furniture When considering furniture, our top tip would be to unify every room by putting at least one matching piece in each. There is a range of Classic Mango furniture to suit your décor, whatever it may be. Beautiful timber is stylish, will last for many years, and is a great product for bringing your rooms together. Flooring If the whole house has the same flooring flowing seamlessly throughout, the life of the designer is made easier. The flooring provides an excellent backdrop to the rest of the decor. Modern homes will use a laminate or real wood product that gives clean lines and durable surface. There is nothing wrong with carpet if that is your choice but specify that the carpet must flow through the doorways without the use of metal strips. Carpet is not as stain resistant as laminate, so think carefully about which product suits your needs. For a top quality job, employ a plasterer to skim the walls throughout the house if they are in poor condition. Smooth walls are easier to decorate and give a high quality finish that your home deserves. At the end of the project, you will be exhausted, and your wallet will be lighter, but the next few years are yours to do with as you please. It has to be worth the effort.

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