5 Steps Anyone Can Take To Create The Perfect Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is one of the easier projects around the home because it does not need the skills that other home upgrades demand. Take the kitchen or bathroom, for example, both which require knowledge of plumbing to complete successfully.


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Anyone can create the perfect bedroom if the are able to swing a hammer, insert screws, and use a handsaw. It isn’t rocket science and even the most inexperienced DIY newbie will complete this revamp to a reasonable standard.

Take a look at the suggestions below and see if you have the confidence to have a go at them yourself.

Freshen Up The Walls

Wallpapering is a bit of an art form, but anyone can use a paint roller. Remove old wallpaper using a steamer to soften and loosen it before scraping. If the walls are not in perfect condition, set to work repairing them with filler and sandpaper. That is probably the most important job of all in the project; it may take the most time and is also the most boring. Even if you must spend days getting it right, do not move on to the next task until you finish it.


Apply the new paint with a roller. Paint pads look like a super alternative when someone demonstrates them on television, but rarely do they work so well at home. Rollers are cheap and reliable. Always undercoat the woodwork unless it is varnished timber. The undercoat makes a  gloss top coat easier to apply.


The new bedroom will need plenty of storage space. Wardrobes are a great solution for shoes, clothing and other clutter that spoils the ambiance when they are not stored correctly. Fitted wardrobe kits are easy to install in their most basic form and though you may at first think this job is beyond your capabilities, do not dismiss it out of hand. Build a simple timber framework across one end of the room and fix the sliding door rails to it. Then hang and adjust the doors for a fitted wardrobe that has a cavernous space inside.

Modern Flooring

Do you prefer carpets or laminate flooring in a modern room? Both have good qualities, and now that carpet designers have cottoned on to the fact that they have been losing ground to laminate, they have brought out some very modern patterns. Many people still prefer to feel a soft carpet underfoot when they get out of bed. Carpet is easy to fit yourself with a craft knife, scissors and a carpet stretcher that are very cheap to buy. Roll the carpet out in the room and carefully work around, cutting it to fit.

Modern Window Dressings

Brighten up the bedroom by removing the curtains and letting more light in by fitting window blinds instead. They are a cheap and cheerful addition that install in minutes and have a dramatic effect on the room. Of course, there are some very expensive blinds on the market but your local DIY shop will probably stock plenty of good quality cheap units.

Add new table lamps and soft furnishings to your bedroom to complete the scene to give you a relaxing and stylish place to enjoy. Don’t be scared to tackle any of the projects here, they are very simple to carry out and satisfying when finished. Start  renovating the room now, and there will still be plenty of the summer left for you to enjoy; the most important thing.

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