7 Improvements Guaranteed to Increase The Value of Your Home

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If you’re thinking about selling your property in the near future, you might like to take a quick look at some of the simple jobs you could perform to help increase the valuation. Of course, you’re free to price your home as you see fit, but if you want to achieve a quick sale, you need to make yourself competitive. With that in mind, you should spend the next couple of minutes reading through all the advice listed below. Hopefully, you’ll then stand the best chance possible of getting the most money for your house.

1. Redecorating

If you’ve had the same wallpaper for the last ten years, it is guaranteed to look tired and worn out. This will incite people to offer much lower amounts for your property. Simply spending a couple of weekends redecorating can make all the difference. Even so, if you don’t want to perform this job yourself, you could call in the experts.

2. Building an extension

Adding more space to your home will inflate the value; that’s just simple common sense. In most cases, the cost of building an extension will be at least a few thousand dollars less than the increase, so you’re almost guaranteed to make a profit.

3. Converting your loft

In much the same way as building an extension will add more space to your property, so will opting for a loft conversion. Depending on where you live, you might need to apply to the local authority for permission to carry out this work, but nine times out of ten you’ll be granted free rein.

4.  Replacing the windows

This can be a hard task to complete using the DIY method, so we always advise you to employ the services of professionals like Lakeside Exteriors. You would not believe the difference that new windows can make to the exterior aesthetic of your property, which is why so many people choose to do this just before placing theirs on the market.

5. Tidying up your garden

There’s nothing worse than going to view a house and finding the garden in a terrible state. It could be the perfect home, but straight away potential buyers will start thinking about how much work they’ll have to do to bring things back up to scratch.

6. Replacing the guttering

Over time, guttering tends to start looking a little shabby. Also, there might be some sections on yours that are blocked or broken. For this reason, buying some new guttering and having it fitted for a small fee is always going to be a sensible move.

7. Tell people it’s haunted

Okay, so, we’re obviously not being serious here, but you’d be shocked to find out how much value paranormal activity can add to your property. Only last year we came across an article showing that a $300,000 home in Michigan had sold for over $3,000,000 thanks to reports that it was haunted.

Anyway guys, now you’ve read through all that advice, you should have no trouble adding a few thousand dollars to the value of your home in only a few short weeks.


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