Axels Bull Bites Recipe and Review

This is a review of an Axels Bull Bites Recipe.  We reviewed a recipe and tried cooking them ourselves. Here’s what we found out:


If you live in the Twin Cities, you have heard of Axel’s Bonfire Grille. If you have ever been to their restaurant or the Minnesota State Fair, you have probably enjoyed their amazing Bull Bites. Showcase Minnesota, part of Kare 11 shared the awesome Bull Bites recipe here: and we just had to try making it. 

If you want to try them at the restaurant, Axel’s website has the closest one to you: I often have Sunday brunch at Axel’s and love their whole menu.

We followed Axel’s Bonfire Grille’s recipe as reported by Showcase Minnesota, and here is our experience:


To make the Axels bull bites recipe, we saw that we needed buttermilk and butter, so we made our own. Simply take a mason jar one third full of heavy whipping cream and shake it until butter forms. What is left over is buttermilk. We poured the buttermilk into a medium glass bowl and transferred the butter to a plate.  

We took two small onions, peeled them, and cut them into thin slices. We broke out each ring and soaked them in the buttermilk. Then we coated them in flour and fried them in oil. After they were done cooking, we put the onion rings on paper towels to drain. These were a great base to put the bull bites on. The key to making fine cuts like this is to use good knives. is a distributor for Hammer Stahl Cutlery and we recommend using a great brand like this for your own cooking. 

IMG_6776web IMG_6778web IMG_6779web IMG_6784web

The Bull Bites themselves were very easy to make. We used the Hammer Stahl knives and cut the the tenderloin into bite sized pieces. We coated them in a pre-mixed cajun seasoning and fried them in butter in a cast iron pan regularly turning them so that all sides were browned and transferred them to a platter with the onion rings.

IMG_6775webIMG_6786web IMG_6792web IMG_6796web

Finally, we made our own béarnaise sauce. Here’s our recipe : We drizzled this over the top and used it to dip the Bull Bites in. 

The appetizer was great and it was very easy to make. Please try this at home and go to Axel’s Bonfire if you are in the Twin Cities. If you decide to make them at home, please comment below and send us pictures! We will feature you on our Pinterest page!  If we were going to do this over, we would have added fresh peppers to the cast iron skillet. Don’t forget to check out our Hammer Stahl Cutlery page too. From time to time we negotiate special deals and prices for readers!

Still not convinced? Here are some more pictures of Axels bull bites recipe to tempt you:

IMG_6794web IMG_6795web

IMG_6798web IMG_6802web IMG_6804web IMG_6810web IMG_6811web IMG_6808web IMG_6812web IMG_6814web


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