Turn Your Apartment Into A Modern Masterpiece With These Easy Projects

Inner city apartments are some of the most valuable real estate in the world by floor area. What were once considered to be a poor man’s accommodation are now highly desirable self contained units where modern interior design flourishes.

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If you have bought an apartment that needs updating, it is lucky you came across this article. There are some great tips here, on what you should include in the design, to make your home into a modern masterpiece. We will address the subjects one by one.


The Kitchen

Wherever you live, beautiful kitchens are highly desirable features. People spend thousands on installing the perfect solution for them. All of the best lofts in Denver, or anywhere else in Colorado, boast kitchens of superior quality. But what features should you include in your kitchen installation? Here is a rundown.

  • Modern designs are making use of high gloss composite doors on the units. They are particularly suited to smaller kitchens where they give the illusion of space. They give clean, and unbroken lines by the absence of handles thanks to the latest spring loaded catches.
  • Natural stone is in high demand. People use it as a material of choice for countertops, splashbacks, and flooring. Marble is still popular, but granite and slate are in demand too.
  • The quality of the taps and hardware sets the overall impression of the kitchen. The current trend is for units that have a flexible spray head incorporated within them for rinsing dirty plates.
  • Use integral appliances and keep all but the oven out of view.


If the apartment is over twenty years old and has never been brought up to date, consider doing away with all of the existing lights. Rewire the whole place and introduce new lighting solutions. Modern homes make use of LED recessed ceiling lights in all of the rooms. LED lighting is the future, and you can expect to see the demise of all other bulbs over the next fifteen years. The LED bulbs last up to twenty times longer than any other, and they consume less electricity too. Here are some places to make use of the new fittings.

  • Under the kitchen cabinets.
  • Under the kitchen wall units.
  • In shower cubicles.
  • Recessed into the bath panel.
  • Illuminated bathroom floor tiles.
  • Vanity units.

Most LED bulbs can be dimmable, and they come in all colours. There are even bulbs containing different coloured LEDs so you can choose from them.


People prefer to paint modern rooms with a neutral colour. They often accentuate one feature wall with wallpaper. Try it yourself. Before you think about decorating, however, make sure that the walls are in perfect condition. If they are not, employ a plasterer to apply a new surface to them.

Flooring Solution

Laminate or real wood floors are well suited to modern apartments. Install them throughout to maintain consistency throughout the rooms. To ensure that the floor is laid to a high standard, remove all of the skirting boards prior to fitting it. Replace them with new to hide the edges of the new floor surface.

That’s it for today, I think your head must be spinning. Look for more of my informative articles because there is much more to do before you finish the apartment. For now, I hope the refit goes well.

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