Flowers of the LiveDan330 Gardens

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This post is an update on the flowers of the LiveDan330 gardens.

Overall, this spring has been a great one for the gardens. Most of the plants popped up healthy as ever after our very cold winter. Plenty of rain and moderate temperatures have helped quite a bit in the last month and a half. The only casualties we had were a few of our roses. Other plants did not fare so well either though. A redwood tree and some barberry bushes had some die off.

These perennial gardens were planted about 20 years ago. Every year, new treasures are added. This year, there are hybrid lilies, roses, day lilies and much more about to erupt. These are newer additions in the last few years and we are really excited to show you what they are doing now they are established! Hopefully we can get those in our next update.

In late May and early June, you can see several flowers such as hydrangea, sedum, several leafy plants, iris, and bleeding hearts among others. The garden changes radically as the snow melts to uncover mulch before the first shoots come up in early May. You can almost see the growth daily.

Perennial gardens are wonderful. Once they are established, they are very little work. The plants come up year after year and with some basic care such as mulch in the spring, you will not have to do much weeding either.

We put a slideshow together with a little sample of for you to enjoy.

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This hydrangea bush is an awesome hedge.

IMG_6941web IMG_6942web IMG_6950web IMG_6951web

Even before they bloom, lilies can be a great addition to your garden. Look how pretty this one is!

IMG_6957web IMG_6959web IMG_6961web IMG_7222web

These flowers of the livdan330 garden will explode with color in about another month.

IMG_7253web IMG_7255web IMG_7257web

Groundcover can be a great way to fill cracks between stonework.

IMG_7260web IMG_7262web IMG_7263web IMG_7266web IMG_7268webIMG_7272web IMG_7275web IMG_7279web IMG_7296web IMG_7303web IMG_7305web IMG_7308web IMG_7319web IMG_7322web IMG_7326web IMG_7330web IMG_7332web IMG_7341web IMG_7359web IMG_7389web IMG_7400web IMG_7405web IMG_7407web IMG_7417web IMG_7420web IMG_7421web IMG_7424web IMG_7450web IMG_7454web

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