The Best Extreme Sports That You Can Try at Home and Abroad

Some people are more than happy to spend their downtime relaxing on the beach, reading or book or hitting their local cinema to watch the latest blockbuster. For others, it is time to push themselves to the maximum by embarking on their extreme sport. If you have never tried your hand at any extreme sports, there are plenty for you to try. You may try several of them before you find the one that is right for you.

There are other considerations when it comes to choosing your ideal extreme sport. For example, although most sports can be undertaken in your home country, others are experienced in a better way abroad.

Here is the ultimate guide to extreme sports, what they consist of and also where to experience them:

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Volcano Boarding

Yes, this involves travelling up a volcano side to its summit where you then use a reinforced plywood toboggan on your descent. You use your heels to steer and brake as you head down towards the bottom at speeds of up to 90km/hr; one for the speed freaks amongst us.

The best place for this is at the León Big Foot Hostel, located near to the Sierra Nevada volcano.

Freshwater Cave Diving

Some may see scuba diving as extreme enough; however freshwater cave diving takes this to the next level of extreme. As you head down to some of the lowest points in the earth, surrounded by almost complete darkness you will experience the sights of mini ecosystems, marine life that is rarely seen and of beautifully sculptured stalactites.

If this sounds like the extreme sport for you, then you need to head over to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, to dive into the cenotes that are surrounded by lush forests and vegetation.

Bungee Jumping

OK, this may not seem like a typical extreme sport, more like an activity you do to raise money for charity, but if you speak to any bungee jumping enthusiast then they will speak very highly of the rush it can give you each and every time you jump.

This can be done almost anywhere in the world. Too many excellent places to mention, but if you are going to look at one, try the Hackett-owned Macau Tower.

Rock Climbing

Forget the rock walls that you can find indoors, to fully experience rock climbing you need to head outside. Again, this extreme sport can be undertaken almost anywhere you find a rock face, you just need to ensure that you have the right tools and required rock climbing personal injury insurance before you start.

Rock climbing can be experienced anywhere, just find your nearest rocky face and start there. For more advanced rock climbers the United States has some brilliant and challenging rock faces.

Extreme Ironing

Lastly, but not least you have what is considered the most extreme sport out of the ones listed. Extreme Ironing is the art ironing clothes in remote locations, such as by jumping out of an airplane.

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