Have you Been Cutting Cake Wrong? Become a Food Disruptor. #lifehack #outsidethebox

Behind the scenes of LiveDan330.com, we have our own personal meme called “disrespectful.” We got the idea from BuzzFeed.com‘s “the 23 most disrespectful things that have ever happened.” If you are type A, it will drive you crazy but you will learn why you need to become a food disruptor.

So let me give you an example of a few of our texts back and forth between each other:

screenphoto drinkboxphotofrenchtoast

Sometimes I argue whether these are really #disrespecful or if they should be called #thereIfixedit. See! Now all the bread fits in the baked french toast pan!

I am now stepping up the game. Sometimes radical entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are referred to as “disruptors” because they change the way we do and think about things. Sure, everyone is annoyed when someone cuts out the middle of a pizza or pours juice out of a juice box, but what about all the “normal” things we are really doing #distrectufully?

When I ask my kids how we should cut the pizza they don’t think squares or triangles like most people. They could choose ninja, random, or cookie cutter shapes as cutting alternatives. If you came to dinner at my house you could hear: “Kids, how would you like your pizza cut?” “Like a christmas tree!” or a “Tie-Fighter!” are not uncommon answers. To us this is normal.

This is my Tie-Fighter cookie cutter. It is the size of a loaf of bread and makes perfect peanut butter sandwiches by the way.


The next evolution of this meme is becoming a disruptor. Consider the pizza cutting. Adults are just doing it wrong. We cut the pizza the way want. Why?  A 3-6 year old thinks the most awesome thing in the world is devouring Darth Vader who is riding in his pepperoni Tie Fighter. Who was the pizza for anyway!? Clearly kids are winning at life.

Now consider cake. Everyone knows you are supposed to cut it like a pie. Right? Wrong. Watch below and be amazed. This guy is a cake disruptor. You will be changed … forever.

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