Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

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Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store is located at 20430 Johnson Memorial Drive, Jordan, MN. You just can’t miss it. Travel Hwy 169 between Mankato and Minneapolis and you will see a giant yellow building on the west side of the freeway. The store boasts to have the nations largest puzzle store and hundreds of different kinds of soda as well.IMG_8055web

I spoke to Roger. The store has been around for nearly 37 years. Here’s what Roger said about the store:

It is longer than a football field and with all that room, you can find any kind of candy imaginable. The children were overwhelmed. There are no words to describe what a kid in a 100-yard-plus sized candy store is like.


My children went into some sort of candy store coma. As they slowly recovered from the shock and awe, they wandered and explored the seemingly endless rows and walls of candy, soda, and puzzles. They even had candy cigarettes! Remember how cool those were when we were younger?! I don’t think my kids even knew what they were.


They had everything from high-end chocolate, to pies, and carmel apples. If you are looking for handmade fresh treats, this is the place to go.



The character of Minnesota Largest Candy Store is awesome too. It is a great big barn that looks like an airplane hanger and you can’t miss it driving by because it is painted a bright yellow and has about of mile of yellow fence leading up to it (at least on the North side). But don’t come expecting to use your credit card. No cards allowed! But if you are still living in the ’90’s, you are allowed to pull out your check book.


If you are like me, you love root beer. They have over 100 flavors! It was epic. Plus they also had this yellow motorized merry-go-round.




Well, if you need a sugar fix, this place is the biggest around. Let us know how your trip to Minnesota’s largest candy store goes below!


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