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Mud Volcano is a site in Yellowstone National Park’s caldera in Hayden Valley just north of Lake Village and Fishing Bridge. Be careful to stay on the walkways made for visitors. This is a thermal area and leaving the walkways is illegal and dangerous. These areas can be like walking on thin ice, but instead of breaking through into cold water, you may fall into scalding hot steam and water.

paths at mud volcano

I put some raw footage of the site together in a short video here:

You enter a parking lot and can easily see the walkways and paths you are allowed to take. As you approach, the first thing you will see is an information sign titled “Mud Volcano” it explains how in 1870, explorers were in awe of the mud volcano that was shooting mud into the trees. Two years later, the volcano had blown itself us and left pools of bubbling mud in its place. 


Several small hotspots dot the site. The neatest one is called Dragon’s Mouth Spring.   


You quickly understand why it is called Dragons Mouth Spring. It looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. There is a small pond that butts up to a small ledge. The ledge has a crack that opens up and looks like a cave. Hot sulfery steam is ejected every few seconds and it also causes a big wave to come out into the pond. It is exactly what I would expect if I saw there was a real dragon in a cave. 

 IMG_9658web IMG_9659web

You can see in this picture the paths are very accessible and will provide great platforms for you to enjoy this natural beauty. I was surprised by the variety of the pools at the site. If you look below, you can see some that are very sulfuric and nasty, while others have grass and flowers growing right next to them.

IMG_9664web IMG_9666web IMG_9667web IMG_9668web  

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