Yellowstone Grand Canyon Lower Falls

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Before you read this post, you need to watch this video. There are some things that are difficult to transcribe into writing. This video helps, but it still does not give the shock and awe of this site in person.

This post introduces you to the Yellowstone Grand Canyon Lower Falls. Hayden Balley is in the middle of Yellowstone National Park This is where the Yellowstone River flows into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Our last post explored the tip of this geological formation called the Upper Falls. According to the National Park Service, the  Yellowstone Grand Canyon Lower Falls is geologically very young; only 10,000 to 14,000 years old.  While the overall formation process is not understood well at this point, geologists know this area was formed by erosion.


The lower falls is easily accessed by the Canyon Village area. From the South, the first road is the South Rim Drive. This leads past Uncle Tom’s trail and goes to Artist Point where you can view the Lower Falls. Past South Rim Drive, there is  a road that leads the to the brink of the the Upper Falls. Just further north, visitors can take the North Rim Drive to see Inspiration Point, Grand View, and Lookout Point in the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. Don’t worry if this was a little confusing. There are great maps with blown ups for areas like this at the park. Just remember the lower falls is just east of the Canyon Village.


The waterfall itself is the second most photographed place in Yellowstone, following Old Faithful. This makes sense when you see it. The magnitude and power behind this 308 foot waterfall takes your breath away. 


I had expected a big waterfall, but what I had not expected was the vast canyon and colors in it! The rocks were very yellow and clearly stained by time. But, the name Yellowstone wasn’t inspired by this rock, it came from the color of the banks as the river joined the Missouri River. For more, read this article:

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The kids had a great experience listening to a park ranger speak as well.


 Put the Yellowstone Grand Canyon Lower Falls site on your short list of must-see places in Yellowstone National Park. It was breathtaking and worth every bit of energy it takes to get there.

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