Converting Your Loft Is As Easy As 123 If You Know The Secrets


There are several reasons people choose to convert their loft rather than build an extension on their home. Cost is the main one. A full conversion could cost about a third of a two story extension. You might not need planning permission for your project. It can cause you many headaches sometimes. It takes less time to convert a loft than to build an extension too, so the job doesn’t seem to drag on for eternity. You also get to keep the land that you would lose if you extend onto it.

Are you convinced yet? I think the argument for a loft conversion is compelling. Let’s not forget that the loft is the same shape as the footprint of the house, so there is much space up there. If you are thinking about converting yours, there are some handy tips here to help you through the process. I can’t go into minute detail, but you will have a better understanding of the task that lies ahead.


Ask the surveyor to inspect the roof space. They will take measurements and perform calculations to work out the best options for you. At your request, they will draw plans for the builders to follow. If you are using a loft conversion specialist, that will all be part of the service.

The Roof

You might need to get Chicago Roofing to make changes to the roof structure. It is the biggest part of the job but should take less than two weeks for an average property. In the worst case scenario, they may need to replace the roof. That is a scary thought to you and me, but the experts take it in their stride. They will also install new windows.


Access will come in the form of a staircase. You cannot use a ladder because it is too dangerous for habitable rooms.

First Fix

When the roof is complete, you must get a plumber and electrician. The first fix includes everything that must go in before you board the walls and floor. Think about power outlets and lighting. If you are installing a bathroom, you must fit pipes for the water and waste supplies.


Insulation is vital here because the space will get hot in the summer and cold in the winter without it. Use insulation boards between the rafters and soft insulation between the joists.

The Floor And Walls

The floor goes down next. It is dense chipboard sheets with tongue and groove edges. Now you build the partition walls. You may need to feed cables or pipes into them. The plasterers will set to work next. They will use plasterboard on the walls and ceiling and finish it with a smooth topcoat. Now you will appreciate how the loft will look when it is complete.

Second Fix

Bring the contractors back to complete the second fix. It includes the plumbing and electrical fixtures and fittings. A carpenter will fit the doors and skirting boards too. If only a real conversion was as easy as writing a list. At least the only mess you get within your house is when they fit the staircase. There will be many people walking through your house to complete their part of the project. It is something you must get used to. If you have a nest egg and no idea how to spend it; convert your loft. The extra space comes in handy.  

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