Back Country Trout Recipe

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Nick Lawton was my guide for a half day trout fishing on the Gallatin River. We caught dozens of trout and a we even got some of the native mountain whitefish. I asked nick for his back country trout recipe.

He says the best way to prepare a back country trout recipe is to get a good fire going and make a nice coal bed. To start, gut and remove the head of  the fish. Then place the fish in tinfoil, add some butter, salt and pepper and lemon pepper. Cook over the hot coals for 10 to 15 minutes. 

But, I am at a condo and don’t have a back-country fire pit. So I adapted this back country recipe for my kitchen and a grill. 

trout recipe

The fish tasted great. Trout is a good fish to work with and and while this recipe is simple, it can make for a very fast and easy meal. My two year old was sucking the meat off of the bones she liked it so much. In fact, about 80% of this fish was eaten by her and her 4 year old brother. 



Another great spin on this would be to use a cast iron pan to fry the fish over a fire. I know I used to carry a cast iron pan or two in my camping days. 

If I was in a kitchen and had fresh produce I would have added slices of lemon on top and bottom of the trout and some fresh herbs. I would have probably held off on the lemon pepper too. 

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Here’s the printable version:

Back Country Trout Recipe
Author: Chris Ashbach
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
  • One trout
  • lemon pepper
  • salt
  • pepper
  • butter
  • tinfoil
  1. gut and clean your trout
  2. place in tinfoil with all ingredients
  3. cook for 10-15 minutes on grill or over fire


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