Day 6: Chillin’ in Big Sky

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Day six was our first stay over day in Big Sky, Montana. We had a very low-key day as the kids and the adults alike were exhausted after an 11 hour day in Yellowstone that capped off nearly a week of travel.

big sky welcome sign

Our condo is awesome and totally makes up for staying in a hotel for a few nights. We are at the base of the Big Sky Ski Resort. We spent the whole day just enjoying the fresh mountain air and let the kids run around in and out.


From the condo, there are several walking trails to enjoy. The family went up for a short walk, but the air just got to us before we could go too far. We had fun playing around the lifts and playing in the little creeks too.

IMG_0021web IMG_0025web

This was a great little stream that the kids and I found near the condo. We spent a lot of time playing in the water, throwing rocks, and taking some family photos.


We decided that because we were all so tired, we would go out to eat. A dude ranch about 15 miles up the road that was hosting a pig roast so we brought the family up there. They had live music, a small creek that ran through the eating area, horses, and everything else you would expect at a dude ranch. Well, none of the kids would eat the pork, although it was very good. So instead, Johnnie made up his own sandwich: “I Don’t Like The Pig Roast Cookie Sandwich.


At night, we watch the sun set behind the mountain. As this last light passes the ski slopes, we watched several large animals walk across the mountainside including deer, elk, black bears, and we even saw a grizzly bear. All just before sunset. 



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