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We are writing to you from our all-American road trip out West. During a short say over in Big Sky Montana, we visited Mountain Village of Big Sky. This is the village center at the base of the the Big Sky ski resort. See a live web cam of the village here:

I imagine that this place is a winter wonderland at the base of the ski hill during the winter because I was surprised at how busy it was in the summer. 

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When you visit Mountain Village of Big Sky in the summer, you can expect plenty of shopping. There is a mall located on one side of the square and shops out in the open as you walk around. You expect to see some ski and snowboard gear, but there was plenty of gifts and apparel as well. 

Our kids loved Basecamp. Basecamp is an activity center located in the middle of Mountain Village. They offered activities for young and old alike. The kids jumped on the trampoline, but there was a huge swing, climbing wall, zipline, and several tours they offered too. 

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If you go to Big Sky in the summer, this may be a place you would want to visit for a short time. Don’t plan a trip around Mountain Village. It is a very nice village and has plenty of shopping, good food, and activities with very friendly staff. Make it part of your overall trip in Big Sky and Southwest Montana trip and you will be very happy. 


I would have liked to have another day in Big Sky. This would have let me have an opportunity to ride to the top of the mountain. A frequent visitor I was talking to told me you could see the Spanish Peaks, Grand Tetons, and a few other ranges from the very top. It was highly recommended by him. 

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