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This post is part of our all-American road trip out West series. One thing I have learned is that when you see a place, a sign, or an event with personality, you will likely be happy you stopped to check it out. In this case, when you see a sign that reads “hot dogs, cheap beer, and ice cream,” you don’t have any other option than to stop. That’s exactly how I ended up at Yeti Dogs. 


Yeti Dogs is located right in the center of Mountain Village of Big Sky and their sign is very accurate. You can get hot dogs, cheap beer, and ice cream. But hey, this is probably the best restaurant around. You just can’t beat that combination. 


Domestic beers are 2 for $5 for a 16 oz cans and a basic hot dog was next to nothing. But, if you want the yeti dog and good beer (which they had plenty of), be ready to pay normal prices for them. 

The restaurant was a walk in and walk out place. No indoor seating, but there was plenty of space in the Mountain Village square area for you to enjoy your dogs. I really appreciate a get in and get out meal when I have other things planned for the day. The played the mountain theme well with a yeti theme. But, you didn’t just have to order the yeti dog (pretty sure that is what all hot dog meat is anyway), they had seven different kinds of hot dogs to choose from including a Western themed Cowpoke, a Hawaiian theme Ono, and a Mexican themed Texito. 

yeti dogs inside

I had the Yeti Dog. I recommend it. It was a great hotdog with all the fixin’s (mustard, yeti sauce, relish, kraut, and onion.  I also ordered a Trout Slayer beer. This is a local Montana wheat microbrew. Loved it. Whatever ailed me at the moment, the Yeti dog and Trout Slayer fixed it. 

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