Day 8 | Big Sky

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This is our third day in Big Sky Montana and part of our all-American road trip out west.  Tired from a long day yesterday, we all slept in a bit.IMG_0590web

After a good breakfast, Jackson and I took a quick trip out fishing. I think it is very important that parents engage their kids in their own hobbies, even if it is hard for them to do. One of our most important things as parents is developing our children to be healthy, loving, and autonomous adults. It might seem petty that I would bring a child fishing, but this kind of interaction helps foster your relationships, introduces healthy habits and hobbies, and tells your children that you care about them and that they are valuable.  When you fill your child with good things, they will seek more good things in life. I always feel sad for children who reject their parents and their upbringing as teenagers. Sometimes there isn’t anything the parent can do. But, probably the best thing you can do is foster the relationship at a young age. If you want your children to respect you later, give them something to respect about your relationship with them first. IMG_0469web

We returned after three hours with only about 45 minutes of real fishing before we had a quick lunch. Then it was Reagan’s turn for some one on one time.

Reagan and Sarah went for an hour long horseback ride. We all went to a ranch high up in the mountains at Cedar Mountain Corrlas in the Moonlight Basin area of Big Sky. While Sarah and Reagan enjoyed some Mom and daughter time on a horse ride, the other three kids and I explored the ranch. 


After the rides, we went to Mountain Village of Big Sky. Even in summer there was a lot to do. Basecamp is located on the mountain and offers all sorts of activities from trampolines, to ziplines, swings, and other adventures. Right in the town square we saw a sign for “hot dogs, cheap beer, and ice-cream.” We followed it to Yeti Dogs and had a snack before going home for dinner.IMG_0444web


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