How To Make Your Own Sunken Pool In Easy Steps

The swimming pool is one of the most desirable things to have in your garden. It gives endless pleasure to every member of the family and will raise the value of your property too. That sounds like a good deal to me. They are not cheap, so you will pay much money for one.


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What is you could build your own? It isn’t impossible. Yes, you will need help at almost every stage because it is not a one-man job, but as long as you have good organizational skills, you can do it.

Here is a list of instructions for constructing your own pool. Take expert advice for the drainage; we do not address that here. You do not need to build the filtration into the pool; add it later with an external unit.

Dig the Hole

With the best will in the world, it is almost impossible to excavate the hole by hand. If you did manage it, it would take weeks or months. Hire a professional to make a hole using a mechanical and to take the spoil away. The job will be over in a day, and you will be able to start work on the construction.


This pool is going to be strong enough to withstand an earthquake without springing a leak. You must use rebar to make a skeleton for the walls and floor. You are in for much hard work on this part. Ask some friends to help you if they can. It is also a dangerous part of the project because the steel weighs a lot.

The Floor

When the steel is in place, pour the concrete for the floor. It is impractical to mix it by hand. Use an online calculator to figure out how much you need and bring it in by lorry.


When the floor is solid, erect shuttering to contain the concrete for the walls. Shuttering ply is strong but you must support it well or the weight of the fill will make it collapse. Use rigid timbers to support it wherever you can.

Pouring Concrete

You must pour the concrete for the walls in layers. If you pour it in one go, it could take weeks to cure. You must also use a cement vibrator to remove the air pockets from it because they will make it weak. The compressed air runs the vibrator, and you drop it into the concrete for a minute or two for it to do its job.


Now that the main structure is complete, you must apply some waterproof render to the inside walls and floor. It is a job you can do yourself, but make sure you use the correct product. When you finish, you will be quite an expert. Apply the render with a plasterer’s float and make it as smooth as you can.


Tile the pool using the proper adhesive and grout. Cut the tiles and mount them in exactly the same way as you would in your kitchen or bathroom.

Your pool is now ready to use. It appears to be an easy project when we list the steps here, but in reality it involves weeks of heavy work. Only the most confident and experienced DIY enthusiast should ever take on this project. Do you think you can handle it?

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