A Wedding Reception With a Difference

Everyone seems to have the same thing at wedding receptions these days. If you are looking for inspiration on how to throw a unique wedding reception, then you are in the right place. Throwing a wedding reception can be difficult. You need to get the balance right of having what you want, but also something that will entertain your guests. Furthermore, you will want something unusual and quirky that is sure to be a hit.

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Have you considered hiring the services of a singing waiter?

Yes. Really.

Singing waiters can give your proceedings a different, and fresh, approach. You may think that singing waiters are prerequisite of restaurants. This could not be further from the truth. You can add a lot of fun to your wedding day by employing a singing waiter.

Singing waiters can serve your guests with the fine cuisine that you have lovingly chosen for your big day. They can serve drinks, food, appetisers and more while serenading them with your favourite hits.

Singing waiters have seen a rapid increase at weddings. This is due to people craving something different at their wedding day. While your wedding should be a classy affair, it should also be fun. People do not want to be sat, bored, during the proceedings.

Dinner time can be made fun again with a singing waiter.

You can hire spontaneous singing waiters, who will burst into song at the most unexpected times. Of course, they are professionals so they won’t ruin your speeches. You are sure to enthral your guests with singing waiters.

Of course, you can also hire singing waitresses too, should you prefer to be serenaded by a female vocalist. You can hire groups, or individuals, to make your day a truly memorable event.

There are many different styles that you can choose from when hiring singers for your wedding day:

  • Operatic
  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Ballads
  • Comedy

You can also hire a singing fireman that will wait on your tables. This may be more suited to a hen party as opposed to your wedding day although men in uniform are sure to thrill your female guests. It is certainly worth thinking about.

Your wedding day should epitomise fun. many people suck the fun out of weddings by trying to make them something that they are not. If you want to make sure that your guests are having a ball during your nuptials, add something different. weddings have become humdrum. Furthermore, people seem to think that because it is their wedding day they have to conform to traditions. This is not true. You can have a beautiful, classic wedding day, but by injecting fun into the proceedings you can make it even more memorable. Your big day does not have to be solemn. You want people to be laughing and joining in. singing waiters will provide a talking point. What is more, it will help your guest’s bond especially if they do not know each other beforehand.

Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to love it. Your wedding day should be as fun as you are.

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