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The Old Faithful site is like sensory overload. When you arrive, you know this site is important. There are three massive buildings that stand near the Old Faithful Site. One is the largest log cabin in the world, another is a historic lodge, and the third is a modern visitors center. The history and size of the buildings represent how we have interpreted this site for more than 100 years. When you visit Old Faithful, don’t miss the other smaller geological formations that you can visit by walking the paths near Old Faithful.


Old Faithful is a very impressive geyser, but it it sits in a huge area of thermal activity. Don’t miss all the smaller geysers, pots, and activity around the area. Miles of great trails will help guide you to the other sites you should see there too. There are several walking paths and signs to help you navigate the area.

IMG_1011web IMG_1012web

This posts walks you through the small loop next to Old Faithful Geyser. As you walk, you will cross a small river by crossing a foot bridge. If you stay right, you will pass the Giantess Geyser and the Teakettle Spring. This first picture is the Chinese Spring:IMG_1013web IMG_1014web

IMG_1021web IMG_1023web

As you continue walking, you will pass the Doublet Pool, Pump Geyser, Aurum Geyser, and Ear Spring. These are very near each other and are an easy walk. Plus, this walk gives you great views of Old Faithful and the Old Faithful Inn too.

IMG_1026web IMG_1161web IMG_1163web IMG_1165web IMG_1180web IMG_1183web IMG_1192web

The walks also connect the incredible Old Faithful Inn, Old Faithful Lodge, and the Old Faithful Visitors Center. 


Make sure to get out and visit the paths near Old Faithful. It is a great way to get your legs stretched and see some interesting formations. Besides, you will likely have to wait for Old Faithful to blow anyway. Use this as a way to kill an hour while you wait.

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