Teton Park Road

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The Teton Park Road travels from Jackson Junction along the base of the Teton range south to Moose Junction. This road might be one of the most majestic drives in the nation. As you drive away from Jackson Junction, you are staring right at the Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park. The mountains tower 7,000 feet above and as you drive they grow larger and larger.

Teton Park Road

While you make your way down Teton Park Road, make sure to stop at a few turnouts to enjoy the view. Even without the mountains, this is a very pretty area. Wildflowers spot the ground with color, while sagebrush and gradually turns into pine forests. 

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There is one part of the drive this is an absolute must do; the Jenny Lake Scenic Drive. This drive is easily accessed from the Teton Park Road at the Jenny Lake Junction. You will start by driving west toward the mountain range before turning in a southerly direction onto a one way scenic drive. 


We stopped at an established viewing point that is obvious when you drive by. Get out and take some pictures (Think Christmas Cards!). There is a stunning view of Jenny Lake and the Teton’s in the skyline. 

jenny lake grand tetons

There are also several hikes in around Jenny Lake. If I could have added anything to this day, I would have taken the two mile round trip hike to Hidden Falls. Hidden Falls is a 200 foot waterfall. Just a little further, and hikers can explore Inspiration Point for great views of the lake and Jackson Hole. We were also told to visit the restart on Jenny Lake and take a ferry to the falls. But, we just didn’t have enough time in the day. 

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As you finish the Teton Park Road to the south, you will drive by a very well-done visitors center where you can learn more about the Teton National Park. 


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