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“I’m going to Jackson” the famous lyrics from Johnnie Cash’s hit was sung over and over and over today.

Here’s a video of it if you aren’t familiar with it:

The city of Jackson is located in Jackson Hole, south of Grand Teton National Park. This little city was a kick! I would have spent a second full day here if I were to do this trip again. The town is the primary access point to two major ski areas; Jackson Hole Ski Resort located on the Teton Range, and Snow King Mountain on the south edge of town. 


Just a warning though, Jackson is expensive. It is very high end in every way. Shopping, dining, hotels, and all the activities are going to be more than most other places. But, at the same time, the quality is much higher too. 


When you visit, you must go to the town square. It is located in the center of town right on 191 where it makes a 90 degree turn (Broadway and Cache). You can’t miss it because there are four giant elk horn arches in the four corners that are your entries to the square. 


Around the square, there are several shops, restaurants, and bars. Take your time to go through these. Sarah bought a new pair of cowboy boots, and I got to saddle up to the Million Dollar Cowboy bar, and when I say saddle up, I literally saddled up. The bar stools are all saddles. 


Make sure not to miss the shootout! Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, a shootout takes place in the town square Monday through Saturday nights. This is the longest running shootout that is currently operating in America. It started in 1957. For more information go to: http://www.jacksonholechamber.com/events/jh-shootout.php

At the end of the day, Jackson is very nice, and somewhat expensive town. It is beautiful and very worth spending a day or two. 


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