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This post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my opinions are all my own.
Everyone loves a good movie. Maybe you are on a date at home or watching it on TV with your kids and eating a bowl of special family movie night popcorn.

It is a family tradition around my house to enjoy a fresh bag of popcorn. Honestly, we do a ton of cooking with our food blog and at the end of the day when its movie time, I just don’t want to have to have to think too hard about making popcorn or worry about burning it.


Guess what! There’s an app for that! Pop Secret Popcorn had exactly what we need. The popcorn is great and it comes in an easy to use bag with clear instructions. Reagan in now 8, she loves to help cook. You might remember this post about our crepe [ ]. Reagan’s generation grew up on smart phones and tablets. I would never have thought to have looked for an app to help make popcorn, but when Reagan used the Perfect Pop App, it was easy and fun for her to use. Here are a couple of my actual screen shots:

photo 2

Not only did it make popping popcorn easy, it gave movie night trivia and facts too.

photo 1

The Perfect Pop App made me feel comfortable letting Reagan pop the popcorn herself. We have a rule that an adult needs to be in the room when she cooks, but at least I could let her do the work herself and not worry about burned popcorn on our special kiddo night.

Using the app was super simple. All that is needed is the iPhone5+ or iOS 7+. Download and open the app. Then, put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and enter suggested cooking time from the packaging (The app is optimized for the deliciousness of Pop Secret popcorn only). Next, turn up the volume on your iPhone. Point the phone’s speaker towards the microwave and keep within 3 feet. Finally, start the microwave, and then start the app.


The app works by listening to the pops of popcorn and lets you know when the popcorn is done perfectly.


The Perfect Pop App is very easy to use, it offers some fun trivia and lets me feel more comfortable about letting my kids help out with movie night. This is an app you need to check out.

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