Everything You Need To Know About Cast Iron Cooking

roasted brussel sprouts

How much do you know about cast iron cooking? This article will tell you everything you need to know about cast iron cooking and give you a few recipes to start with. Cast iron pans are very versatile and inexpensive. I used to use cast iron pans when I would do canoe trips (I am actually an avid outdoorsman and have done several month+ long trips to very remote places including a 55 day trip above the arctic circle on the Dubawnt River). Actually, a good pan can also be used as an anchor for a canoe too. Anyway, back to how normal people can use cast iron pans.

First – They are tough. Very very tough. You can’t hardly break them. They might be tough enough to survive a nuclear apocalypse. So, if everything I knew as a kid about nuclear war is true, the earth will be filled with cockroaches and cast iron pans. Apparently the two toughest things in the world.

For example, you think this ugly pan is gross and should be thrown away, right? Wrong!

Read the intro to this post again. Read how Macheesmo tells us how to fix it.

One Minute Video Recipes

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