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Hello again readers!  One of the challenges I face on a regular basis that many of you probably don’t know about is keeping all of my dish ware and glasses in pristine condition for all of the photographs I take. Each food blog we put together takes about 4 to 6 hours of work from planning, to cooking, to writing and uploading it to our site. I must have a variety of dishes and glasses and they must not be cracked, chipped, or worn. Otherwise all of this work goes to waste because the pictures just won’t do. 

One way I protect my dish ware and glasses is by lining my shelves with Duck Brand’s Shelf Liner. Shelf liners are a soft material that protects both your shelves and your dish ware. It helps prevent banging things around while also providing some friction so plates and glass are less likely to fall out and break. There are several designs available. I used a plain white in the kitchen because it looks so clean and this pattern for my deck to protect it from water stains that come from ugly plastic pot holders. 

Today, I did two projects, I re-lined my kitchen cabinet and I cut out some circles for a few outdoor plants. You could easily cut smaller circles for glass coasters. 

For the shelf:

Step 1: Look how messy your cupboards are and remove all of the stuff in them before washing it out with a wet rag. 

Step 2: Measure the shelf and cut the Duck® brand shelf liner. 

Step 3: Place the Duck® brand shelf liner on the shelf and reorganize your dish ware to finish the job. 

The second project was to make a planted pot holder. We used the Duck® brand shelf liner to protect our deck from water stains

For the pot base:

Step 1: Mark and cut a circle in your Duck® brand shelf liner.

Step 2: Place the shelf liner where you want the pot and Bam! problem solved.

The ease of use is really the best part of this product. It is very easy to use and extremely versatile. If you want ideas on how to do your improvements Duck® brand is on Facebook and Pinterest

What kind of project do you need to do!? Let us know on our comments below what projects you will be making with the liners. In fact, we are hosting a contest  and one lucky reader can win a Duck® brand product bag!

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