The Benefits of Buying a Package Home Instead of a DIY Build


Pat Williams

There are many ways you can get onto the housing ladder these days. Because the cost of real estate is high, many people choose to buy a ‘fixer-upper’ and take their time over the repairs, to spread the cost. Others buy a home that is not ideal, but it will address their needs for a few years until their financial situation improves. Some chose to build their own home. If they are in the building trade, that might mean doing all the work themselves, but most self-builders take on the management role.

There is an alternative. You could buy the land and  new home as a package deal. There are locations, such as Mariners Cove, where land lots are for sale. Some developers also have a range of homes on offer that they will build for you. You can customise them to suit your needs. We are going to investigate the benefits of such a deal here. I think you will agree; it is an attractive proposition.

Building Standards

As with any new home, you can rest assured that your new house will meet with all the latest building regulations. That means that it will have enough insulation, the materials and workmanship is of a high standard, and the energy performance will be satisfactory. In these enlightened times, it is important to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Low Stress Levels

If you build your own home, you will think that you are in a living nightmare until it is complete. There are too many complications to list them all; here are a few.

  • You must find a trustworthy architect who is on call at all hours to advise you when problems arise.
  • You must get planning permission for a new home. If the planners are not happy with your proposal, you might have to submit the revisions many times.
  • The build will probably take longer than you think, and go well over budget.

With a package home, you do not have to worry about planning permission, it is in place. The house and land are on sale for a fixed price. There will be no extra expenses or hidden costs. The designers adapt the home to your requirements; you do not have to seek an architect of your own.


A new building guarantee will cover your home for many years. In Britain, it is twelve years; if you live elsewhere, there will be a similar scheme in operation. The guarantee protects you against faulty materials, workmanship and subsidence. It will cover almost anything to do with the structure of the property


The land will be in an attractive area. The developers want people to move there, so it must have something to offer. Maybe it will be a beachfront plot, or in an idyllic country setting. You must imagine how the area will look when the properties are complete. It will mature into a desirable neighbourhood where you can establish your family.

Are you convinced? Add the fact that the developer can probably help you arrange a mortgage to sweeten the deal even more. I think you will agree; the arguments for a package deal are compelling. Well, what are you waiting for?

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