Eggs Eggs and more Eggs!

egg pizza

Eggs are a very popular breakfast. You can understand why when you see how versatile they can be. Did you know that every year about 1,200,000,000,000 eggs are eaten? That comes to about 173 per person per year (

With so many eggs around, it is no surprise there are almost as many egg recipes as chickens themselves. In addition, eggs are so easy to make. They require very simple kitchen appliances and equipment and they are commonly one of the first things that kids learn how to make. Chickens are a very popular animal to have in you backyard too. It seems that even in populated areas coops are popping up faster than ever as single family households are working them into their landscaping designs and gardening. After all, Chickens produce great fertilizer, eat harmful bugs, and produce those little white (brown and grey) balls of goodness we call eggs.

What are some of our favorite egg recipes from around the web? Read through the following pages and find out!

One Minute Video Recipes

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