Online College Degrees? I Don’t Even Know What I Want To Be Yet!

I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College, a small liberal arts college in St. Peter with a double major in political science and finance. While at Gustavus, I took flying lessons at the Mankato airport and earned all of the licenses required to fly for the airlines. After graduating in spring 2001, I found myself behind tens of thousands of laid off pilots after 9-11. So I fell back on my undergraduate degree and got a corporate job. Quickly realizing I hate desks, cubes, and office buildings, I quit in the middle of the recession and went back to graduate school at Bethel University, where I earned my masters in Organizational Leadership. Guess what I do today?! I do some occasional adjunct teaching, but I am a food blogger. That’s right. Three degrees, one a masters, a commercial pilots license and I literally cook food and take pictures of it for a living today.

Nobody in their right mind would go to school (either on the ground, or through an online accredited school) to be a foodie, but what I learned through school was how to be professional, how to think critically, analyze, and run my life. School isn’t always about the technical learning (clearly knowing how to shut off an engine in flight does not actually help me make a casserole) but it was all part of a larger process. If you aren’t going back to school as an adult, you may be missing out on the very growth you need to make the next section of your life a success.

Forget about the fear of being locked into a career based on your degree. School just doesn’t work that way for most people. Find something you enjoy, get online, and start taking classes. As you learn and grow, you will understand how to move forward. Good Luck!

If you liked this article stay tuned. I will be writing about a lot of college related questions. After all, I was where you are now and I have actually taught some college classes. Follow us for articles.

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Chris Ashbach is one of the founders of Dan330. Chris is a pilot and avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, hunting, camping, and exploring. He loves taking kids (especially his own) on trips to share his passion of the outdoors. Chris is also a gardener, volunteers at Let's Go Fishing, and teaches Sunday school. Chris holds a MA in Organizational Leadership and is faculty at a local university in Minnesota; teaching undergraduate business classes.