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kid mister

I have been planning the kid mister post for a very long time. I was at the Minnesota Zoo last summer and they have these misting nozzles set up every once in a while along one of their paths. I could not believe how much fun kids had running in and out of the mist! So I had to figure out how to do it ourselves. Now that it’s done, the kid mister project is even better than I thought it would be.


Here’s what you will need:

Misting Nozzle
Urinal Flusher or other metering push button valve
Shower assembly (36 inch pipe, 90 degree angle, 45, degree angle, a short pipe)
Two hose adaptors
Goop or teflon tape.

Here is the basic layout of the pieces:


Go to your local hardware store and purchase the items you need. Here is a picture. Anyone in the plumbing section will know exactly what you need. This is all pretty standard plumbing. The only thing you might have a hard time with is finding a flusher. But you can order them online. For some reason, hoses are a different diameter than the piping in our houses. Don’t ask me why, I think it dumb, but this means you will have to buy two hose adapters. One for the hose coming into the kid mister, then one on the end that fastens the mist nozzle to the shower assembly.


Lay out the pieces and make sure you can assemble the entire kid mister. All you have to do is add teflon tape or goop the the male end of each piece and twist them all together. It is that simple!


Now, when you are having a super hot day, the kids can just push the bottom and cool off in the mist! The flusher is awesome because the kid mister runs for about five seconds before turning off so the kids have to get right under the nozzle to make it work. Super Fun!



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