4 Creative Basement Conversions to Improve Your Home

Not all houses have basements, but for those that do it can be difficult to find a purpose for them. Your basement is likely just being used for storage space, filled with boxes and unused items. Or it might be completely empty. What is the use of all that space if it’s only going to waste?

 You may have heard that putting your basement to better use can increase the value of your home, and estate agents in Shenfield agree. Converting your basement space into a spare room, office or another room increases your house’s livable space. With more usable space, your home’s value goes up.

 So what can you do with your basement? You aren’t limited to a spare room. Here are some ideas for other projects to give your house some character.

 A Wine Cellar

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 If you’re a wine enthusiast, what could be better than your very own wine cellar? With all that space downstairs, there’s room to have racks upon racks of quality wine stored away. If you’re really enthusiastic about wine, you might want to buy a climate control system that will keep your precious bottles at the perfect temperature. Similarly, you might want to install wine fridges for your whites and rosés. You can also have a space to sit and drink – it doesn’t have to be just for storage.

 A Workshop

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 Do you have a hobby or a business that needs a bit more space? Basements make the perfect workshops, as they’re usually one open-plan space. You might want to set up a carpentry workshop, or a sewing room – or perhaps you brew beer. Depending on what you want to do, you might have to install electrical sockets for any machinery. Plenty of light and storage space will go a long way too, to make the space safe and organized.

 A “Granny Flat”

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 A basement could just be a spare room, but why not go all the way and create a tiny studio flat? Instead of just installing a bedroom, you can add a bathroom and kitchenette too. It makes the perfect place for guests to stay, or to take in a lodger – anyone from your parents and children to a paying tenant. Unlike with a spare room, guests have their own facilities. You won’t have to share your living space if they have their own.

 A Home Cinema

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 All the space is the perfect place to set up a home cinema. Set up a projector and use one large white wall to project onto. Surround-sound will sound amazing in a big open space too. You can set up a fridge for snacks and plenty of comfortable seating, from recliners to beanbags. Adding a sofa bed will let it double as a spare room too.

Whatever you choose to do with your basement, don’t let all that valuable space go to waste. You should use your entire home to its full potential.

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