Ok, I Get It. I’m Fat. Now What? #health #weightloss

I grew up playing sports year round. When I wasn’t in sports I was outside swimming, fishing, hiking, or romping around in the woods. I was in great shape. In fact, I had a six pack for a while in college. Well, as life goes, I got married, have four kids, a job, and now I am a food blogger. Surprise!!!! I got fat.

How did this all happen?! Out of college, I swore I would stay in shape. I thought I would stay in shape by running marathons. I literally looked around and saw runners going up and down a boulevard by my house. Nobody who runs is fat. In fact, most of them are really skinny except for the occasional person you see who is just starting, right? Perfect. This will work for sure. I have run two marathons since college. As it turns out, there is a term for guys my size who run marathons. We are in the clydesdale division. The last marathon I ran, I was 230 pounds.

Thats me below. Rocking out to awesome music on my iphone running a very long marathon.


Today, not running at all, I am 240 pounds. Seriously!? Six days of serious running a week for 10 pounds! Not worth it. My theory of being a runner and being skinny is circling the drain before finally being flushed into the Mississippi.

Ok, I thought, I used to play hockey. Certainly hockey will get me in shape. Nope. I found out it just hurts a LOT more as you get older. Those pucks are fast and hard! I ended up getting 8 stitches one of my first times out. Not a good plan.


I guess I will try to just spend more time outdoors. Here’s jackson and I last fall at a game farm. It’s not like all we do is sit around all day. We have tons of hobbies and sports we like to do.


Diets. Diets. Diets. It must be what I eat. I tried several diets. Some had successful periods, but it always came down to I just didn’t stay on them or I was painfully hungry all the time. It hurt my work performance and just made me a crab.

Don’t think all I cook is fatty junk food either. A lot of it is, but here’s a roasted cauliflower salad I made for one of our blogs:


Then, one day, I went in to get my medical certificate for the FAA. My aeromedical examiner asks what I have been doing to stay in shape. I told him I was training for a marathon. He stands up. He tells me to stand up. Then he looks me over from across his desk proclaiming, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re too fat. Try jump rope for a while. You should lose 40-50 pounds before you START running.”

“So what”, I thought. Big Deal. I’m overweight.

I’m beginning to realize it is a big deal. Heart disease runs through my family. A couple of years ago I went to the doctor for a physical. Afterward, the doctor gave me a blood pressure and a cholesterol medicine due to my family history and weight.

Then one day, a family friend / guy with “Dr.” in front of his name (DDS) tells me about how great he feels and how much weight he lost with Isagenix. I was like whatever. You weren’t even overweight to start with and I really am hesitant to start a program like this because I don’t want to have to sell anything, or be pressured to do something. But he convinced me that it is very easy and I won’t feel pressured into doing anything but trying it out.

After a short while, I realized that I really am unhealthy. In fact, I am so unhealthy my doctor put me on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Then I decided to check my BMI. Let’s see, 5’11,” 240 pounds, that is a BMI of 33.47. No, I didn’t do that in my head. I went to www.bmi-calculator.net. You know what they had to say about that? “Individuals with a BMI of 30-34.99 are in a physically unhealthy condition, which puts them at risk for serious ilnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease, and some cancers. This holds especially true if you have a larger than recommended Waist Size. These people would benefit greatly by modifying their lifestyle. Ideally, see your doctor and consider reducing your weight by 5-10 percent. Such a weight reduction will result in considerable health improvements”  As cited here.

Hey – I am a role model for my kids and I have a bad family history too. Maybe I really need to do something. I should be healthy. I have a lot of my life ahead of me and can set my kids on the right track if can show them that health really is important. Maybe I WILL try this out.

I have nothing to loose. I decided to give Isagenix a one-month shot. Follow this series to keep up to date with my progress.

If you want to contact me about getting more healthy by using Isagenix, please contact me below. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you if you aren’t interested. There are a lot of great resources I can guide you through.

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