Butchart Gardens; The Sunken Gardens

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Jennie Butchart had a vision of what a limestone quarry could become and turned it into one of the worlds most beautiful gardens.  To learn more about the Butchart family you can check this Story link.  There is nothing I can say to explain the gardens, so I’ll leave you with these photo’s of the gardens in early August.  Enjoy.

The front paths at Butchart Gardens are lined with color as you wind your way to the hanging baskets pergola filled with colorful tuberous begonias.




The Dining Room Restaurant at The Butchart Gardens






HangingBasket Pergola




This quiet shaded area with large trees and rock walls leads to a little cabin whose windows are filled with flower boxes, then looking left you gasp at the magnitude of the Sunken Garden. What a beautiful presentation in form and depth with layer after layer of color and texture, and truly a breathtaking experience.


SGLittle Cabin





Hope you enjoy this taste of the beauty of the Sunken Gardens in the slider below and the video of the Ross Fountain.

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The Butchart Gardens is exceptional and well worth a visit if you’re in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for visiting and put this one on your bucket list.


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