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We all know how annoying bugs can be. We are out on the deck or patio enjoying your yard when suddenly the person next to you slaps their leg as they get bit by a mosquito. So what are you to do about all those super annoying bugs? There are several products, some more crazier than others that geniuses have invented. Would you use these at your homes? Tell us what you think below in our comments! What do you say: are these products brilliant or just plain dumb? Number 1: The Bug Zapper This one is called the Flowtron Electric Insect Killer Bug Zapper

This is one of my personal favorites. These are very loud. The snap’s and cracks of the electricity arcing through the mosquitos can be a joy to listen to. If you want one, you can buy it here. Up Side: sounds awesome and kills bugs. Down Side: pile of dead bugs on your patio and requires electricity.

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