Fair Food To Try at Home

It is state fair season. All around the country states and counties are in the midst of hosing their fairs. I live 10 minutes from the Minnesota State Fair, which is the largest fair in the country (even bigger than your’s Texas). For us, that means walking around farm equipment, visiting the pigs, horses, a rodeo, and much much more. As I get ready for the Great Minnesota Get Together, I have to do some planning because it really takes about 4 days to see everything. Last night, a friend was over and we were looking at the list of all the new foods that are coming out and planning our route through the fair to his as many as we can. But it is nearly impossible to get them all in. So we put a list of food-on-a-stick items you can probably make at home.

First, Alton Brown’s Corn Dogs from his show Good Eats.

Corndogs are a classic food on a stick loved by children and adults alike. If you want to learn how to make perfect corndogs get the recipe here. I love how these corn dogs look more textured than the frozen ones you get from the store too. I bet they are really good! Here’s another tip – use a high-quality hotdog for the middle. A good dog with a good batter can make a huge difference in your meal.

One Minute Video Recipes

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