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When my wife and I go on vacations as a couple we often go to wine country. Our favorite destination is the Russian River Valley. The romance of the rolling hills, the comfortable climate, and the friendly faces make this an awesome destination. Being wino’s, we also love the social aspect, recreation, and education of viticulture and winemaking too. Now, I don’t have to go to participate. I want to tell you a little about a new program from La Crema.

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My wife and I don’t get as much vacation time as we would like. It is difficult to line up sitters for our four kids when we do. So what do we do when we just need little escape and want to stay in touch with wine country? This year we found the Virtual Vinter™ program from La Crema. This is a cool program that gives you a digital winemaking experience. In the end, you will have helped create a unique, community-created wine from La Crema all while learning more about viticulture and winemaking techniques.

So how does this work? This harvest season, you can help chart the course of a winemaking journey. It is a “choose your own adventure”-style winemaking expedition where at certain decision points, decisions are made by popular vote and the program path will unfold in real time. By the way, voting is going on now! So make sure to jump in today. You can help determine things like varietal, appellation, specific vineyard, harvest date and barrel treatment, as well as wine name and label design. If you don’t understand what all of that is, there are educational pieces of the program that will help you along the way.


Along the way, you will be engaged with casual wine drinkers and sophisticated enthusiasts on a rich platform with videos, education, quizzes, maps and more; hosted by winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas. You will learn what it is like behind the scenes of an artisan winery and learn directly from the winemaking team. Ready to make some wine? Sign up to be a Virtual Vintner.

At the conclusion of your adventure, as a member of La Crema’s Virtual Vintner™ community, you will have not only gotten a fun escape from everyday life while participating, but will have learned from some of the best wine makers and have a first chance to purchase a wine you can call your very own.

This would be a great activity for any hobby wine makers at home (Lindsey! – You know who you are) or anyone else who loves the romance of wine country and just wants a little escape.

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We love our readers. Make sure you stay safe. The legal drinking age is 21 years old, as always please drink responsibly.

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